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Peel Montessori School is what you expect of a school and more. Your child will enjoy coming to school!

Our vision began when our own children were beginning school. We visited many schools and one impressive element stood out when we visited a Montessori school in which we later enrolled our children. We observed that children in the Montessori environment had smiles on their faces, acquired superior skills, interacted in a social setting with enjoyment and self-discipline, and communicated with students and adults of various age ranges with confidence. Most importantly, the children were well-mannered, outspoken, independent, and interested in taking on leadership roles by demonstrating their knowledge to others. We were convinced the Montessori pedagogy was by far a superior education system for children, as the child was at the centre of the program and the respect for the child was unparalleled. After much effort, training, and time an opportunity presented itself and Peel Montessori School opened its doors. Our goal was to bring the joy of learning, to inspire and guide a child’s quest to learn, discover, and be creative. Moreover, we desired to help children maximize their potential with encouragement, dedication, and positive role modeling.


In a church setting, and one classroom, we opened our doors to ten Casa and eight Elementary children.As enrollment increased, the facility restrictions increased and the availability of space decreased requiring the school to seek a new location. During our search, we decided to move into our own school building with much improved facilities


A suitable location away from public view and traffic was located in a lovely residential community on a one-acre lot. Our location enabled us to offer private schooling to the Oakville, Mississauga, and surrounding communities. Our facilities opened in 2001


We moved into a 20,000 square foot school, which included two levels, a 3,000 square foot gymnasium, computer lab, music, French, and art classrooms, and a resource library for children Preschool to Grade 8.

Today, Peel Montessori School has a hard-earned reputation of offering higher learning strategies and standards.


At Peel Montessori School, children are active and respectful members of their school and community. We are a community that celebrates unique talents and strives to inspire a sense of enjoyment of learning, as children self-construct using experiential exploration of the environment. Peel Montessori guides your child to appreciate the beauty of nature, build positive values, and observe the benefits of working hard to gain a strong social and academic foundation. Although we implement a challenging curriculum, the family-like sense of community, and development of positive social interactions are equally important and, we believe, vital skills in the 21st century. The teachers are highly qualified and delighted to teach, while the students enjoy coming to school because we offer a programme that is conducive to active learning, a method in which most children learn best.


We have humble beginnings, and give a little smile when a child cries to go home because it is a reassurance that our school is unlike any other where children enjoy coming to school. Although it is truly a dream come true to provide an unparalleled school environment for children, it could not have been accomplished without the years of dedicated effort, hard work, , and amazing teachers and parents who realized our unique vision of a school paralleled their own educational values. Upon entering our doors, you and your child will sense the Peel Montessori difference, and we will work hard to continue to differentiate our school from any other private school by providing an exceptional academic and social foundation, a safe and stimulating social atmosphere, and a highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff. Our doors are open and we appreciate your feedback as we continually look to improve and grow for the benefit of the children who attend our school.


Since 1992, 95% of Peel Montessori School alumni who contacted us have indicated the benefits they gained from our higher learning strategies and standards and that they excelled beyond benchmark expectations after the Peel Montessori schooling. We are privileged to have made such a significant impact during their most formative learning years and beyond. Peel Montessori School is an independent day school for girls and boys from preschool to Grade 8. The School’s mission is to develop character, enthusiasm, an enjoyment of learning, and the wonder of humankind, nature, and life. Our programme strives to address the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and moral needs of each child using higher learning strategies and standards that stimulate the brain’s potential while aiding the child’s quest to learn and develop who they will become as adults.


Students represent many cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds and live in the Oakville, Mississauga, and surrounding communities, within a thirty-mile radius of the school. A common element amongst registered parents is their interest in providing their children with quality education, family-like atmosphere, and an exceptional learning environment.