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Ninety-eight percent (98%) of parents who report alumni progress commented that upon settling in to their new environment, students’ adjusted well, attained honour roll status by the end of their first year, students were socially content, and achieved many academic/non-academic awards in their academic institution. Beyond the educational effectiveness of Peel Montessori’s programme, the following are the top reasons, expressed by parents, for choosing Peel Montessori School.

  • Respect for the child
  • Family-like, nurturing, atmosphere
  • Bright, clean, and spacious school environment
  • Challenging educational programme
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable teachers, who model good values
  • Open communication between teachers, administration, and parents
  • Ample one-on-one attention
  • Vicinity to Go-Stations
  • Competitive fees
  • Tax Receipts available

Parents and Student Comments:

"It is hard to believe that it has been 10 school years for 3 children since Blair and I first showed up at the previous school in September 1999. When I/We were looking at different schools, the previous spring, I felt that that your school provided an environment in which my children would be encouraged to develop character and appreciation for learning. The children we met in our first visit were bright, outgoing and very obviously happy to be there. I am pleased to say that our first impression was spot on and the kind of environment so apparent at the old Church has been successfully re-created at your lovely new school. Dana will soon be joining her sisters on the next leg of her academic journey, but all the girls recall fondly their time with you and we could not be more pleased. The very best to all of you from all of us. I was never worried about my child’s learning when I was at Peel."

Parents of Dana and Blair S. 2010

"All the ‘Peel Kids’ really cleaned up at the awards assembly. They all made Honour Roll along with some other individual awards. They all did very well!"

Shelly E. 2010

"I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Last week, your former student, Kaitlyn was awarded the Junior Achievement Award for achieving the top marks among the students in Grades 4,5 and 6 ….She also came in first in her school in the Pythagoras Math Contest. Thank you so much for giving her such a solid foundation to build upon. I’m sure she owes much of her success to the wonderful educational experiences she had at Peel Montessori School. She currently sings with the…Choir… and is working on her black belt in karate... And will be competing in the provincial qualifiers in rhythmic gymnastics this coming year. Thank you for providing a warm and safe learning environment with a focus on academic excellence."

Marian Y. 2010

"Jonathan won the speech competition. He came first for all the Grade 8 College students. He was so happy."

Shelly R. 2011

Thank you Mrs. Cowdrey for 6 wonderful years

of learning and growing and conquering my fears.


Happiness and laugher and the smiles on your face,

Are what makes Peel Montessori such a wonderful place.


Although it is time for me to move on,

My heart will never truly be gone.


No teacher ever has helped me like you,

Since year one you’ve cared for me all the way through.


Kindness and helping, each is a special trait,

You have them both, that’s what makes you so great.


You will never be forgotten and I will always know,

That you are still with me no matter where I go.


Over the years I have learned may things from you,

Like reading and writing and history too.


Until next time I would like you to know,

Thank you Mrs. Cowdrey for helping me grow.


For six years we’ve been together, now we’ll be apart.

But you will always

Have a special place in my heart.


—Love Steffi M. 2011 (Alumni)

Student Comments Received:


“It was like heaven here” (Eliajah S.)


“It’s just not the same at my new school” (Justin E.)


“We learned a lot at Peel” (Turner L.)


“The teachers felt like our second and third moms” (Keerthi M.)


“I like the way you listened to both sides” (Nicholas T.)


“Now I realize how much you cared about the students” (Michael S.)


“I’m so glad you drilled the grammar exercises. I was the only one that knew what a gerund was.” (Keerthi M.)


“You were a tough cookie, but you made it fun.”
(Nicole P. and David P.)


“I never want to leave, there are no bullies here.” (Matthew L.)

Contact our office at 905-823-6522 or e-mail in- us at to arrange a personal visit.