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Peel Montessori School is what you expect of a school and more. Your child will enjoy coming to school!

Peel Montessori School is a boutique school, offering comprehensive programmes in the preschool, kindergarten, and elementary levels. Our curriculums are administered in a supportive, nurturing, and family-like environment. Our goal is to guide each child in their quest to develop their potential while working at their own pace and level, given their capabilities. Beyond academic excellence, Peel Montessori School promotes positive social and life skills, creativity, independence, and character development – important key developmental elements needed in the 21st century. We are a co-educational, independent private school serving Mississauga, Oakville, and surrounding communities since 1992.

A personalized education rather than a one-size fits all curriculums

Your child is unique, continually progressing through the various Stages of Development and displaying specific needs and capabilities. Peel Montessori School aims to provide a personalized educational experience to help guide your child’s quest to learn, while supporting the development of emotional security and self-worth.

At Peel Montessori School, we take the time to ensure your child’s needs, your educational values, and the programmes offered compliment one another. The entire school body works together to provide a sense of unity and membership for your child to enjoy a safe and rewarding schooling experience.

We accomplish our goals by providing:

Small class sizes with mixed ages are ideal for receiving personal attention and extensive socialization opportunities.

A common programme which is established by our Administration in collaboration with the teachers.

Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) and/or Montessori Certified (AMI, AMS, TMI) and experienced teachers utilize the highest standards and strategies of teaching and learning, and observe Montessori principles.

Teachers, parents, and students work collaboratively for the benefit of each child.

Well rooted Montessori principles and curriculum, and state-of-the-art technology at appropriate levels within the programmes enable your child to develop at an individual pace and level, given their capabilities.

Elementary Streams – Montessori and Blended Program.

We offer two exemplary, elementary streams that strive to meet the needs of students from preschool to Grade 8. Peel Montessori School offers a CCMA accredited Montessori programme from preschool to Grade 6, and its division, Carrington College offers a blended programme for students entering the Elementary schooling years in Grades 1 to 8 who are without prior Montessori knowledge and instruction. Our blended programme is based on student-centered, hands-on educational experiences, which enables competence and understanding of concepts, and supports the development of the Whole Child. Students excel at their level and pace, given their abilities/proficiencies/competencies. Understanding concepts, creativity, and the development of vital skills such as focus, time management, strong work habits, and independent learning is the focus as the teachers guide each student to reach their potential. Peel Montessori observes and, in many instances, exceeds the requirements of the Ontario curriculum as a means of preparing students for academic, social, physical, and emotional success.


Although, we are very dedicated in offering your child an exceptional academic and social foundation, we believe our unique programs guide your child to develop personal qualities and citizenship skills that inspire a well-rounded individual with: respect, integrity, internal drive, concentration, organization, good study habits, within an exciting environment that enables your child to enjoy their schooling experience – laughter, friendships, and being cared for. These key elements of teaching and learning separate our complete programmes and inspire the development of confident, well-spoken, leaders of tomorrow.


I invite you to schedule a personal visit in order to learn how our programmes can help your child develop his or her potential. I look forward to meeting your family, and welcome the opportunity to discuss our exemplary programmes and family-like school community.

Contact our office at 905-823-6522 or e-mail in- us at to arrange a personal visit.