Peel Montessori | Private School in Mississauga Near Oakville & Etobicoke
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We welcome parents to discover the benefits of a Peel Montessori or Carrington College education for your child. From the moment you walk through our doors, you and your child will sense the difference.

Acceptance to our school is determined based on several factors to ensure your child’s needs and the programmes offered are a suitable fit. The Admission Process provides you with the opportunity to learn about our programmes, curriculum, and benefits beyond your child’s learning years at Peel Montessori School.


We continually strive to support the intellectual, personal, moral, and emotional development of each child. Therefore, the Process is also an opportunity for us to determine if the family places value on the same educational and behavioural philosophies that we do, and that our approaches are right for your child’s needs. Our schools seek to enroll students who display positive character traits, concentration, strong academics, enthusiasm, and a joyful disposition as well as parents who are positive school supporters.


Students are accepted to the School in the following order: Returning students, siblings and family members of returning students, students from other Montessori schools, children who wish to enroll in the full-day programme. New applicants are selected with the objective of maintaining a balance of gender, age, and needs within the classrooms.


Application deadline is March 1st. Admission decisions are made in April for the following September. We offer rolling admissions when space is available.


We are pleased to assist you with the application process and to answer any questions you may have. Admissions can be reached by telephone at 905-823-6522 or by email at

Application Process

  1. Contact the school for a personal visit or attend an upcoming Open House
  2. Complete and submit the Parent Questionnaire and go to Application Section (highlight so they can go directly to complete an application for Admission and they can submit $100)
  3. Place your child on our Waiting List (Toddler – 6 years) or Entrance Exam List (Grades 1 to 8)
  4. Schedule an appointment with the Principal to discuss your child’s needs
  5. Contact Accounting 905-823-6522 to arrange personal payment plan
  6. Complete and submit the Registration Forms with deposit and post-dated cheques
  7. Receive confirmation of your child’s enrollment

Peel Montessori division (Toddler to Grade 6)

Contact us for further information regarding information about the Montessori programme and our school. We will be more than happy to send information to help you become aware of the benefits of a Montessori education. The following resource information will provide further information about Montessori 101 (

Carrington College Division (Blended Program, no prior Montessori Experience)

Carrington College students are vibrant, developing students as leaders that demonstrate creativity, independence, compassion, and confidence as speakers. Our programme although challenging is flexible allowing for athletic schedules to be met without compromising a strong academic foundation. Contact us for further information regarding information about the blended programme and our school. Carrington College is suitable for parents who seek a school that will advance their child in areas of strength and provide opportunities to strengthen developing areas. We establish high expectations for all children. We observe the Ontario curriculum, although history has demonstrated that many students advance beyond expectations in may subject areas.

School Visit

We welcome the opportunity to show you our beautiful campus, classrooms and school, and to explain the Peel Montessori School difference. We invite you to visit during an Open House or to schedule a personal visit. While information about our school and the Montessori Method can be conducted via our website or readings, we must impress the importance of seeing the process in action.

A Campus tour or class visit can be scheduled by contacting Admissions at 905-823-6522 or via email at or

Application Forms and Fees

Please contact the office at 905-823-6522 or email

Students transfering from other schools must complete the Confidentiality Form, submit documentation as required such as current report cards, and attend an evaluation testing class. Although mandatory for Elementary students beginning in Grade 1, we strongly recommend that all students submit the results of a vision and hearing exam, once accepted. An assessment is also completed for all children ages 4 and up regardless of previous school experience.

Student Visit and/or Testing Class

Toddlers must visit the school with parents.

Casa children visit with parents, and at the principal’s discretion, may require further evaluation.

Elementary students (Grades 1 to 8) must visit with parents, arrange a class and/or testing date if spaces are available. Parents will arrange to meet with the Principal after the testing date.

Student Testing – Elementary Grades 1 – 8

Please contact the Admissions Office for availability and testing dates.

Offer of Admission – New Students

Offers of Admission for new students are sent out in January based on availability of space.

Re-Enrolment – Current Students

Current students are re-enrolled for the upcoming school year in February provided that re-enrolment documents are returned to the Admissions office by the set deadline. Registrants before the set deadline receive a $200.00 credit and registrants after the deadline incur a $200.00 late fee.

Waiting List

Rolling admissions are available when spaces are available. Applicants who have been accepted for all reasons, other than space availability, will be placed on a waiting list. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list when accompanied by the required fees and completed Admission Registration Forms. Parents will be notified as soon as an opening becomes available. If a child cannot be accepted by the school for example, due to lack of space, the deposit and programme fee will be returned. Parents are only responsible for the $100.00 new student Application Fee.

Class Placement

All teachers are carefully selected for their skills, personality, qualifications, and professionalism. The curriculum and expectations are established by Peel Montessori School in collaboration with the teachers. Our common curriculum ensures all students receive the very best education in each of the classrooms, regardless of teacher placement. Classes are established to meet gender and age requirements. Parents will be notified at the end of August regarding class placement. Although we note recommendations, balance of the classrooms for optimal operation is observed first; therefore, we cannot guarantee that all requests can be granted.