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“The first essential skill for the child’s development is concentration. It lays the whole basis for his character and social behaviour. He must find out how to concentrate, and for this he needs things to concentrate upon. This shows the importance of his surroundings, for no one acting on the child from outside can cause him to concentrate.”

The Absorbent Mind p 202, Chap 22

Dear Parents,

We appreciate your interest in our Peel Montessori school divisions. We welcome you to visit our exemplary school in order to provide informative detail about our school to make the right choice for your son or daughter. We encourage you to visit the other sections of the site as each will provide insight to the school and the essence of our two educational streams offered through Peel Montessori and our Carrington College division and the educational goals for each.


Whether your child is embarking on his or her first school experience or is moving from another school setting, choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting experience. I chose Peel Montessori School because I wanted a school that would provide a positive, enjoyable, and challenging schooling experience. We all want our children to be ahead of the class, and both, Peel Montessori School and Carrington College provide a challenging curriculum, but what I felt from the first time I set foot in the doors is a warm, friendly, and exciting school community.


In short, I believe you will be impressed with how friendly, self-directed, and independent the students are. Students here love to be at school with their teachers and friends. You will see this from how they interact during your visit. I chose Peel Montessori School because it teaches students the fundamentals in exciting ways, inspiring children to keep the flame of learning alive and wanting more.


I invite you to come for a visit. Seeing the classrooms in action is the best way to understand what the Peel Montessori divisions are about. One thing is for sure, you will be impressed with the happy environment, student involvement, and challenging curriculum. You are bound to have many questions, perhaps about the mixed-aged groupings, or how your child might transition from a traditional setting. The Principal and Admission staff will be more than happy to answer all of them. I can only imagine that you have many questions about what is so unique and special about Peel Montessori School or Carrington College. Please feel free to visit the other areas of this site and call or email your questions about our school and/or the Admission Process to


Your child’s cognitive capabilities were given to your child by you, the parents. Peel Montessori and Carrington College has worked hard to build a reputation of helping children in their quest to acquire knowledge using interactive exploration of the environment. What is special about this school is that your child will not only study a challenging, broad spectrum curriculum, but ‘enjoy’ learning – even history! My children loved coming to school every day for 9 years.


The Principal and Staff will help you make the right choice for your child and if Peel Montessori or Carrington College is not the right school or cannot meet the needs of your child, they will let you know. The fact that you are viewing our website indicates you are interested in finding the best educational environment for your child. Peel Montessori School and Carrington College graduates have acquired life skills and develop a solid foundation as preparation for future learning environments. As a parent, I can assure you, you will like what you see and so will your child.


Warmest Regards,


Tanya Znidarec

(Parent of two Alumni children who attended for 9 years)

Contact our office at 905-823-6522 or e-mail in- us at to arrange a personal visit.