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Montessori, The Right Choice

While there are a variety of educational pedagogies, Montessori is one that looks at developing the whole child, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and morally. This method of learning, developed over 100 years ago in Rome by Dr. Maria Montessori, has gained 21st century support world-wide with many neuroscientists, researchers, parents, students, and teachers alike. Montessori is a programme unlike any other, where the school is seen not only as a place to achieve academic excellence, but also as a safe community where students are active members with the responsibility to care for it and those within it. Montessori students and teachers develop a mutual respect. As such, students have a voice to express their needs, as well as to explore and question their surroundings, which leads independent, strong-minded, and confident individuals.


What makes Montessori so unique is that it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ programme, but rather a child-centered approach to learning where students are actively participating in their educational experience. In most traditional models the teacher lectures at the front of the class and the students sit in assigned seats, ask to use the facilities (water fountain, washroom), and passively listen to lessons being taught; this is known as teacher-centered learning. In this method of teaching, students are instructed in the same manner regardless of the child’s readiness. Montessori encourages children to develop an internal drive and to work to their potential, enabling them to move ahead of expectations in areas of strength while continuing to develop areas that pose a challenge. Children are never bored, their interest in learning is heightened, and self-esteem continually nurtured.


Unlike traditional educational models, Montessori focuses on the developmental needs of the child to move through the curriculum; therefore, it is a programme that requires the patience and support of teachers and parents. The Montessori Method is organized into three-year age groupings, and should parents decide that it is the right fit for their child, children should be exposed to it for a minimum of three-years at each level of learning (3 to 6 years; 6 to 9 years; and 9 to 12 years). The three-year groupings have multiple benefits: First, it allows the teacher to understand a child’s academic, emotional, and social needs in order to provide a personalized approach. Second, it allows for an enriched leaning and social environment exposing all ages to develop knowledge, leadership, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Third, all children benefit from the enriched social environment and academic curriculum.


Montessori works hand-in-hand with a child’s natural developmental cycle, and allows three-year increments to accommodate these ‘sensitive periods’ where children acquire skills and knowledge with less effort, since after these periods, specific skill acquisition requires a greater effort and comes less naturally. Give your child the gift of Montessori and you will be rewarded with independent, social individuals who are self-confident, forward thinkers.


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