Peel Montessori | An Overview of Programmes at Peel Montessori Private School
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Programmes Overview

Peel Montessori School is unlike any other private school. The teachers are keen observers who will help your child learn to think critically and independently, work collaboratively, and gain a disciplined approach to studying with each level of study completed. The development of character is an important aspect of developing who your child will become; therefore, your child will interact with purpose and learn to display a commitment to help others and act as responsible members of the community. Staff and students interact with the premise that respect and integrity are important values in creating a harmonious environment that fosters enjoyment of learning and fond memories with friends. Peel Montessori School is our home away from home, as well as a collaborative and supportive place where staff and students feel safe, nurtured, and cared for. Peel Montessori School classrooms are well-equipped with a variety of interactive materials that the teachers present creatively and with patience in order to intrigue your child’s curiosity to want to learn beyond expectations. The curriculum extends beyond the classroom with the inclusion of the outdoor environment and community at large which establishes a well-balanced programme. As with past children, your child will prosper by becoming an engaged learner resulting in the development of interest and inquisitiveness – the drive needed in his or her quest to achieve successful learning experiences through exploration.

As your child progresses through the Elementary levels,he is prepared for learning multiple subjects and researching topics of interest, which help develop the core fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic as well as introduce the cultural areas of geography, history, French, art, music, and computers. These essential programmes are rigorous, but flexible to meet your child’s individual needs each step of the way. As your child learns to become absorbed in curriculum extensions of interest beyond the classroom, opportunities are provided to help him or her evolve as a critical thinker who reasons, comprehends, and applies concepts in the real world. Discussions and inquiry of world events and cultures provide an open window to the world as a means of developing compassion and appreciation of others. While studying current global and past historical events, students establish a foundation for determining their individual place on earth and how they can make a positive impact as a dedicated and peaceful citizen of the world.

Two exceptional streams are offered – Montessori (Primary to Grade 6) and a blended programme (Grades 1 to 8) for students without Montessori experience.

Montessori Programme: (Primary to Grade 6)

Your child will experience education through experiential exploration of the environment to develop his or her full potential. All children have an innate curiosity. Our programme enables your child to meet his or her needs as opportunities are provided to discover new things, develop creativity, and explore areas of interest. Your child is guided to develop fine and gross motor skills, independence, critical thinking, character as well as social, emotional, and practical life skills. From a young age your child will be introduced to a variety of subjects such as reading, arithmetic, writing, geography, science, art, and history.

Private Elementary Schooling (Grades 1 to 8)

The Middle and Junior High schooling programmes are rigorous and develop your child’s intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to interact, learn, and work in a rapidly changing world. As preparation for higher learning environments, students receive daily homework assignments, regular tests and two sets of exams. The development of effective communication skills extends beyond the classroom environment with the inclusion of Speech Night, Science Fairs, research presentations and optional choir club and auditions for a part in the school play. Strong academic and positive social foundations as well as exposure to multi-subject area challenge students to work to their potential.

Happy, friendly and lively social community, rigorous and challenging educational curriculum.
Parents are a child’s primary caregivers. Opportunities are available parental involvement by assisting with Field trips, material making, special events, and fundraising support. Parents are expected to become involved as partners in their child’s learning and personal development beyond the school environment. Parents are expected to provide their child with the necessary support and tools at home and school in order to help them child succeed. As supporters of the school and your child’s learning, one parent must attend educational evenings. Parents and the School must interact positively and respectfully for the benefit of a nurturing environment, which in turn, benefits the child.
The school has a strict safety protocol – all visitors must report to the office as all entrances are locked during school hours. Parents are welcome to drop by the school at any time throughout the day. The health and safety of our teachers, staff, and students is our priority within our school environment. Safety measures are in place to provide for a safe schooling experience. The teachers are expected to provide proof of an annual physical exam and Police Record Check. Parents who attend elementary field trips require a Police Vulnerable Sector Screening. The School is in a residential neighbourhood safely nestled away from public view and traffic.
Full-day March Break and Summer Camps are available

Tax Receipts: Available

Contact our office at 905-823-6522 or e-mail in- us at to arrange a personal visit.