Peel Montessori | Toddler Programmes in Mississauga Montessori PreSchool
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Toddler – 18 months to age 3



Learn through touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, hearing


Vocabulary development, expressing ones needs and wants


Routine, predictability, consistency important to feel safe and secure


Developing coordination, balance, mobility


Intrigued with small objects and the process of doinG


Discovery and exploration of the environment


Repetition and mimicking


Multi-sensory concrete materials

Quality Head Start and Enjoyment of Learning

We are excited and delighted to provide you with support in your exploration of Montessori education for your family. As a family-like school, we look forward to celebrating the accomplishments made by the youngest members of our community. We are one of a few Montessori schools in Mississauga operating from a school facility, situated in a residential area safely, and located away from public view and traffic.

18 to 24 Months

Moving at a pace conducive to the children in the class, toddlers interact with joy and excitement. Gentle guidance is provided to help your child develop a routine and positive social interactions and behaviours. Individually or in small groups, stimulating activities are introduced to enhance spoken language, cognitive, and fine and gross motor skills development. Your child’s needs are met with care and passion.

24 Months 3 Years

Toddlers are naturally curious, love to observe and imitate, eager to explore, try new things, and to master new skills. Our Toddler programme is not a daycare, but rather an entry point to a quality, enriched, and stimulating learning environment designed to meet your child’s innate developmental and learning needs.

Significant emphasis is placed on the development of life skills such as eating, dressing, cleaning up, language development using sensory learning activities, which refine your child’s awareness of their surroundings. Our beautifully prepared classroom is filled with specially designed activities, which stimulate cognitive learning, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and inspire the pleasure of learning through exploration. Focus is placed on the development of gross motor skills, spoken language, order, concentration, behaviour, and social-emotional requirements for a ‘whole child’ approach. Our teachers demonstrate warmth, patience, and in order to learn, respond to your child’s need to develop their emotional sense. Our caring directresses accomplish this by providing hugs, a pat on the back, or support, so that each child gains a sense that they are cared for and builds trust.


With gentle support and a joyous atmosphere, your child’s natural curiosity to discover, and their need for independence begins to blossom within an environment that provides a sense of safety and security. Our classrooms are spacious, bright with lots of natural light entering, and provide just the right amount of stimulation to attract your child’s interest. Our facilities include a large outdoor play area indoor gymnasium for cold or rainy days, and a library. Children love connecting with nature during outdoor playtime or from their classrooms as they see animals and plants in their natural surroundings such as squirrels, bunnies, birds, butterflies and a variety of plants. We enroll Toddlers 18 months to 3 years old who are independently walking. Toddlers depend on predictability, consistency, and routine; therefore, offer a five-day fulltime programme and when space permits part-time morning enrollment. Children can enroll anytime throughout the year provided spaces are available.


Our teachers are Ontario Certified (OCT), ECE, and/or Montessori certified, provide annual Police Reference Checks, and hold First Aid Certification. Our unconditional passion and quality schooling experience strives to encourage your child to do their personal best and develop an “I can do it’ attitude.


We look forward to having your child and family become part of our school community.


Your child will love coming to school!

Contact our office at 905-823-6522 or e-mail in- us at to arrange a personal visit.