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Welcome to Montessori Nation!

Montessori Nation is a mother-daughter idea, that has blossomed into a vision of uniting Montessorians from around the globe and sharing best practises, ideas, and resources.

Mrs. Cowdrey is our Head of School and an experienced Montessori Directress for the past 30 years. She is a vital guide and resource to our parents, teachers, and students alike! She has an open-door policy and can be found frequently guiding parents with common parenting issues, assisting teachers with her ample insight and experience, and students enjoy visiting her in order to spend time. Mrs. C is often found inside the classroom, guiding, observing, and ensuring best practises are in place. She is the reason our school culture is one of respect, warmth, high standards, advanced academics, and a home-away-from-home environment!

My name is Adrianna, but my students and parents are often calling me ‘Miss. C’. Montessori is a large aspect of my life, having been a Montessori student from the age of two and a half. I currently teach inside the Montessori Elementary classroom, guiding both Upper and Lower Elementary students. My process is guided by Dr. Maria Montessori and Mrs.C, our Head of School and the driving force behind our joint effort in bringing Montessori to the world. This is accomplished through the Montessori Matters blog and our Montessori Nation online resource and forum.

We look forward to guiding and supporting your parenting, teaching, or lifestyle channelling the Montessori philosophy and Method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori!

Have any questions, comments, or would like to contribute ideas? Email us at