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Peel Montessori Mississauga Private School offers comprehensive programmes in the preschool, kindergarten, and elementary levels.
Peel Montessori Mississauga Private School | Why Peel Montessori
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Why Choose a Peel Montessori Education

Peel Montessori School offers what you expect of a school and more – a personalized curriculum, teachers who are passionate about helping students understand concepts, and a friendly, positive community where students are excited to come to school and to learn. Every child feels a sense of belonging and strong self-worth. Our goal is to help each student find their areas of passion and strength and to explore opportunities, which may allow a student to further their talent or interest, whether in a subject area, athletics or extracurricular area. Our small class sizes and individualized programing provides opportunities for students to persevere with challenges while advancing in areas of strength, in order to achieve their personal best. Students have the opportunity to work at various grade levels in a variety of subjects to encourage each child to work to their potential. Our teaching and learning strategies provides for active participation to ensure understanding of concepts, excitement of learning, and the development of life skills needed in the 21st century.


Parents are the first and foremost important teachers in their child’s life and when their support and values parallel that of our school, a student thrives and achieves their personal best. Peel Montessori School is what you expect of a school and more. Your child will love coming to school! Our school community is your child’s home away from home, and our administrators, teachers and students reinforce an atmosphere that is welcoming, friendly, calm, and reassuring. Mutual respect and appreciation for our diverse community enables everyone who enters our school to sense the Peel Montessori difference.

Our Culture Builds Emotional Intelligence

Together with parents, the teachers, and staff are dedicated in creating a nurturing, inclusive community, which supports your child’s pursuit of independence, academic and social excellence, and development of lasting life skills. The success of every student is important to us. In order to learn at our school, a child must develop concentration, internal drive, self-worth, and sense of emotional security. Our community and established school culture, provides emotional security by allowing each and every child to feel they are cared for within the school and that their special talents and interests are important. Compassion, understanding, a warm smile, a pat on the back, having a voice amongst their peers, a shoulder to cry on, and hugs help children develop emotional intelligence – an important aspect of a happy life. Peel Montessori is about our children, and our school culture responds to your child’s emotional, physical, and intellectual needs as well as their interests and talents.

Individualized Curriculum

The classroom environment, the curriculum, or both are strategically organized, when necessary, to better meet the individual needs of each student. Individual, small, and large group lessons are provided as the student demonstrates readiness. Quick learners are provided opportunities to advance beyond grade levels in areas of strength while strengthening areas of development; therefore, may work at different grades levels for different subjects. Testing of the child’s knowledge is on-going and conducted as part of new lessons in Casa while at the Elementary levels, formal CAT3 and/or CTBS testing is introduced with each successive grade to prepare students for high school. Upper-middle grades of 7 and 8 are fully traditional transitional years and offered through our Carrington College division. Extension exercises reinforce understanding of concepts as well as help the children develop creativity, organization, and critical thinking skills. Research demonstrates strong teaching and learning principles guide students to learn in a manner, which the brain learns best, and optimizes an individual’s potential and unique learning pace.

Strategic Learning and Teaching Methods to Maximize Individual Learning Potential

At Peel Montessori our focus is for your child to succeed. We acknowledge that every child has unique capabilities and learning potential. Our teachers are dedicated in engaging chidren in their own learning. Our learning and teaching methods help guide students to maximize their individual potential while building self-confidence, concentration, and self-worth. Parents, teachers, and students work together to support, encourage, and celebrate learning successes in a family environment. Our classrooms are filled with intriguing exercises that will excite the children’s curiosity to explore and the teachers are keen facilitators ready to provide new lessons as your child demonstrates readiness, thus, enabling the children to be challenged at an individual pace and level.

Excellence in Education

Our programme, although administered in a non-threatening manner, is progressive and extensive, covering multi-subject areas from a young age. It is designed to assist in the child’s quest to develop their innate potential, life skills, character, critical thinking skills, and most importantly a passion for learning. The classroom materials and lessons are carefully organized and presented to appeal to the imagination, inspiring further experiential exploration beyond basic requirements.

Emerging Leadership Roles

Teachers, students, and parents interact as a collaborative, supportive, and positive community. The classrooms include mixed-age groupings, which provide a more true to life social environment and enable children to progress at an individual pace. Children experience opportunities to role model to and learn from their fellow students, many students emerging as leaders. Our school does not replace the need for a parent’s involvement in their child’s learning and personal growth beyond the school hours. In fact, Peel Montessori encourages parents to involve themselves in their child’s academic, social, and athletic endeavors through communication and volunteering.

Character Development

At Peel Montessori, we strive to instill a sense of membership, responsibility, accountability, and strong values. Students are expected to demonstrate respect and integrity towards other individuals. Our school community (parents, teachers, school staff, and students) interacts collaboratively and with civility for the benefit of the students. Mutual respect in each of our respective roles ensures all students are exposed to positive role modeling and a joyful social and learning environment.

Spirited, Engaged Learners

Peel Montessori School students are spirited and engaged learners who is about the children and engaging their own journey of personal development – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and morally. At Peel Montessori developing a positive attitude towards learning, becoming engaged in areas of strengths and development, as well as developing positive communication and social interactions are the foundations for our students’ total development. We believe school should be an exciting, intriguing, highly spirited place to learn, and the curriculum purposeful and intriguing. At Peel Montessori School, we strive to develop, along with parents, children who display positive interpersonal skills, strength of character, compassion, and who emerge as leaders in all interactions. Respect for oneself, others, and the world in which we live as well as having integrity are vital qualities that create a strong community at Peel Montessori School. At our school, we believe it’s always a good day to learn something new.

Respectful and Collaborative School Community

Peel Montessori and the classroom environment is a warm, and welcoming learning community of mixed-age groupings. Mixed-aged classes enable students to collaborate with others regardless of age, while progressing at an individual their level and pace. Our civil atmosphere creates an inclusive environment, which is humanitarian in nature and conducive to learning. Students develop respectful relationships with the teachers and all peers, regardless of age, as they look forward to learning from fellow students and modeling positive leadership values for one another. Beyond academics, students are expected to develop strong character traits through demonstrating courtesy, and integrity towards their peers, teachers, parents, and other staff members.

Acceptance of Individual Talents

The Directresses and parents work together to nurture each developing child’s character, and emotional, and intellectual potential. Equal value is placed on the development of creativity, critical thinking skills, emotional development, and life skills that lead to independence and strengthen leadership qualities, self-esteem, self-worth, and self-discipline. Parents and teachers interact with respect for the benefit of the child.

Pride in our School

The teachers at Peel Montessori are long-standing with up to 19 years experience and whose own children attended. Each teacher takes pride in dedicating their efforts and experience to guide children in becoming active learners in their journey of developing physically, emotionally, intellectually, and morally. The school facility is bright, with ample natural light, and is maintained sparkling clean and orderly to assist the children in becoming organized and responsible individuals. Many features are in place to keep our facility a safe learning environment – first and foremost, we are away from public view and traffic. The classrooms are spacious, bright, esthetically pleasing, and offer a challenging curriculum, which is visible on the shelves to inspire interest in learning. Established ground rules, which the children help define, and school uniforms not only unites each child in belonging to their first social society away from home, but most importantly, encourages them to care for the materials, classrooms, school, and develops respect for oneself and each other. We wear our uniforms with pride and as a united community of friends and learners.

Striving for Excellence

The vision, values, and expectations considers what is in the best interest the students first and foremost. The Principal leads with compassion and strength to do what is best for the children. The teachers understand her vision and passion, and are expected to display a love of learning, respect, and appreciation for all students and their talents. At all grade levels, Peel Montessori School sets and expects exceptional teaching and learning strategies and standards in academics and social behaviours from all staff, students, and parents. Each day, the children are guided to work to their potential, and to demonstrate positive, civil social interactions. Our ideal student is good-natured and one who constantly seeks to improve him or herself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and academically, as well as displays the skills necessary to be accepted as a member of our school community.

Educational Advantages

Children work extensively to develop an excellent social and academic foundation. We observe the Ontario curriculum, but in many instances teach beyond standards as we follow the capabilities of individual students. Students completing our full programme have displayed success in moving beyond provincial expectations in areas of strength and passion, mastering key, basic concepts that are essential to understanding, as they are continuously built-upon in subsequent academic years. Concurrently, students continue to strengthen developing areas with one-on-one guidance.